Head Chef: Hobibur Rahman

Chef Hobibur Rahman brings a wealth of experience in the Indian curry industry from Birmingham to Oxford.  Hobib worked with traditional Indian curry chef's in Birmingham (origin of the balti dishes) from the age of 15.  He has a passion for cooking and has experimented a lot of dishes, some of which are included in our menu; examples include the Chicken Sashlik Massalla, Tiger by the River, Garlic Gujarat and of the best selling Chicken Tikka Masala.

Food is my art and passion and I can’t wait to cook for you and your family, friends, business or guests

Hobib has lived and worked in Witney since 1992, and has been a part of Eastern Cuisine since 2000 and continues to serve customers in Witney, including well known politicians and celebrities living in Witney and surrounding villages.

Hobib further enhanced his experience and skills through Chef Partha Mittra (group executive chef) since 2010, and continues to inspire diners.

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