Head Chef: Fazlur Rahman

London Chef Fazlur Rahman could be said to be an experienced veteran of the curry industry having worked within the restaurant sector since 1985.

During this time, he has never been inclined to lay back and bask in his success but has always developed and honed his skills to keep up to date with the latest trends and changing market. It is this ability to adapt and innovate that has ensured his success over 25 years.

Chef Fazlur Rahman joined the group in 2011 with his wealth of experience, and further developed those skills working with Chef Partha Mittra and Hobibur Rahman before being given head chef status to run the newly opened Eastern Cuisine branch in Gipsy Hill, London.

Fazlur's great love for cooking means that he is always on the lookout for something a bit different that diners will enjoy, and they're never disappointed.

Food is my art and passion and I can’t wait to cook for you and your family, friends, business or guests

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